Navigating the MY Exercise Groups Section

Navigating the MY Exercise Groups Section

The My Exercise Groups section is where you will find pre-made exercise templates. When prescribing exercises it is often easiest to group commonly prescribed exercises into groups or templates.  This allows you to more quickly find the exercises you are looking for instead of searching through the entire exercise library.

The pre-made exercise groups are available to all My Rehab Connection Subscribers.

You can also create your own exercise groups.  Any exercise groups you create will also be stored in the MY Exercise Groups section – but any groups you create will be visible only to you and the uses you add to your account.

To aid in searching the exercise The pre-made groups are divided into three sections:

These include exercises commonly prescribed for specific conditions (i.e., Achilles Tendinopathy).

These include stretches and/or exercises for for a similar muscle or region (i.e., Posterior Hip Stretches, Squat Progressions)

These include a set of exercises used correct a particular pattern of dysfunction (i.e., Hamstring Release Tract, Overhead Mobility Tract)

To open an exercise group simply click the exercise group within the MY Exercise Groups section. This will display the exercises included within each exercise group.  From here you can delete any exercises from any groups that you have created, however you are unable to modify any of the pre-made exercise groups.