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Rethinking Pain: A Clinician's Guide

Modern science has significantly changed our understanding of how pain works. Here we review this new understanding, but from a clinician’s perspective. 

As a treating clinician or therapist this is what you (and your patients) really need to know to better understand the problem of pain and improve patient care.

Using Movement and Exercise to Change The Brain

Using Movement & Exercise To Change The Brain

Brain reorganization and “smudging” plays a critical role in pain. But this neuroplasticity also has an upside. The very fact that the brain can change and reorganize makes it a powerful target for treatment. And movement (a.k.a. exercise) is one of the most powerful stimuli that can do this.  

But not all exercises will do this. In fact, it seems there are several crucial requirements that must be met to change the brain. And planks, bridges, and yoga won’t do it.  

Essential Exercises For Lower Back Pain

A systematic approach to exercise prescription and rehabilitation for lower back pain.

Here we’ll cover why traditional exercises like planks, bird-dogs, and yoga are missing the mark. The key movement for ALL back pain patients. And step-by-step progressions all the way from acute lower back pain to building strength and endurance.

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