Modifying Exercise Instructions

Modifying Exercise Instructions For A Single Patient

There are times when you will want to slightly modify the exercise instructions for a single patient (this could include changing the frequency, reps/sets, or maybe you just want to add an extra note or instruction for your patient).  But you want this modification to be applied just for a single patient.  You can do this when prescribing an exercise to a any specific patient.

(Note: If you want to modify an exercise so it does apply to all patients, and to all future prescriptions of that exercise you can do that too – click here for that article.)

Here’s what to do…

From the ‘Assigned Exercises‘ tab within the patient window click on the ‘Edit‘ button for exercise you want to modify.


You will now see the specific exercise steps associated with that exercise.  To add or modify the the instructions simply make the desired changes within the text boxes.edit-exercise1_edit-text

Any changes you make will be applied for that specific patient only.