Exploring Your Dashboard

Exploring the Dashboard and Features

The My Rehab Connection toolbar screen gives you access to all of the key features you will need.  This top menu bar remains visible on all of the main pages of the web portal for easy access to all of the key features at all times.

A brief overview of each section is provided below, along with links to learn more about each specific section.


MY Account

The My Account section allows you to manage your subscription/payment information and add other users to your account.

This is also where you can customize the app by adding your clinic logo, contact information, and social media pages.





My Exercise Library

The My Exercise Library is where you will find all of the exercises.  Every user has access to these exercises. As new exercises as uploaded to My Rehab Connection this is where they can be found.




MY Exercise Groups

The My Exercise Groups section is where you will find pre-loaded exercise templates. These are available to all My Rehab Connection subscribers.
These templates are divided into:

These include exercises commonly prescribed for specific conditions (i.e., Achilles Tendinopathy).

These include stretches and/or exercises for for a similar muscle or region (i.e., Posterior Hip Stretches, Side Bridge Exercises)

These include a set of exercises used correct a particular pattern of dysfunction (i.e., Overhead Mobility Pattern, Ankle Dorsiflexion Pattern)

You can also create your own exercise groups.  Any exercise groups you create will also be stored in this section (but any groups you create will be visible only to you and the uses you add to your account).




MY Exercises

The My Exercises section is the location where you can add your own custom exercises, including text, pictures, and videos.

This section is specific to each clinic/account.  Only you (and the other users you add to your account) will have access to this section.



MY Patients

The My Patients section is where you can add a patient, as well as prescribe exercises you your patients.

This section is specific to each clinic/account.  Only you (and the other users you add to your account) will have access to this section.



Help / Support

If you have a question or need some help the Help/Support section contains articles/tutorials that can walk you through all of the My Rehab Connection features, as well as our contact form if you have a problem and need some help.