Better Exercise Software

My Rehab Connection provides exercise software for chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and athletic trainers. But our software works a little different than most other programs.

Instead of using outdated technology that only allows you to print or email exercises, our software is linked to a free mobile app for your patients.  Now your patients  can access their home exercises (and a whole lot more) right from their phone or tablet.

And yes, you can still print or email exercises for those few patients who still don’t have a smart phone.

Here’s How Our Exercise Software Works…

Step 1: Add A Patient To Your Account

To prescribe a home exercise program (HEP) simply add your patient to your My Rehab Connection account. From here you can assign exercises to your patient from our pre-loaded exercise library, exercise templates, or from your own custom exercise library.

This initial process is similar to other existing exercise software programs, but My Rehab Connection also has a ton of unique features that make this process easier and more efficient for clinicians.

Step 2: Your Patient Downloads The Free App

No more sad looking printouts that patients lose, can’t follow, and force you to teach the same patients the same exercises over and over. With My Rehab Connection your patient can access their exercises (and a whole lot more) in the easiest and most convenient place – right from their phone or tablet… and don’t forget, you can still print or email exercises if needed.

You patient simply downloads the free My Rehab Connection app. The first time they open their app they login using their unique username and password (these login credentials are generated as they are added to your account and sent to the patient along with login instructions via an automated email).

The app’s home screen can be completely customized for your clinic. That means every time your patient opens their app they see your clinic logo. And with easy contact features they can call or email you right from the app’s home screen. You can add a link to your online appointment calendar, and even feature your social media profiles.

And of course your patient can access their home exercise program (HEP) right from the app home screen. Each exercise contains detailed step-by-step instructions along with accompanying pictures and videos to help ensure your patient performs the right exercises, the right way…. Always accessible in their purse or pocket at the touch of a button.

Step 3: Easily Update Your Patient’s Exercise Program

Of course as the treatment plan progresses you will need to add, remove, and progress your patient’s exercise program. This can be a time consuming aspect of the rehab process. But we’ve made this simple too.

Any changes you make to your patients HEP are automatically synced to your patient’s app. No re-printing exercise sheets. No new emails to clog up your patient’s inbox. They just open their app and instantly have access to their updated program.

Make Exercise Prescription Easier For You and Your Patients.

We know My Rehab Connection can make home exercise prescription easier for you and your patients. And with subscriptions for just $14/month, it also makes our exercise software one of the best values around.

Not sure if it’s right for your clinic? Sign-Up now for our 30 Day Free Trial. You get complete access to My Rehab Connection. Don’t like what you see?  Cancel anytime.

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