Assigning An Exercise Group

Assigning An Entire Exercise Group

In some cases you may want to assign an entire exercise group (such as a corrective exercise tract or exercise progressions) to a patient.  Instead of assigning each exercise individually you My Rehab Connection gives you the option to assign an entire group/template with a single button.

Here is how you do it…

After opening the patient from the ‘My Patients‘ tab, select the ‘Exercise Groups‘ tab, then search for the exercise group/template you want to prescribe.

In the top right corner of the exercise group drop down menu you will see a ‘Assign entire group with defaults‘ button.  Clicking this button with assign the entire group to the patient with a single click.

The entire exercise group will now be listed in the ‘Assigned Exercises’ tab.

Remember, from this section you can re-order, pause/inactive, and edit the specific instructions of any of the exercises to best suit your patient’s needs.